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Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure

Engineering Asset Management

Engineering Asset Management Plans

Many of the assets our ratepayers and visitors to the Council area use are long lived and require careful planning to ensure they maintain an acceptable level of service whilst being utilised.

The process of asset management planning forms part of our Asset Management lifecycle and ensures that what we commit to through Capital Works and other Major Projects is not only aligned to key Council Strategic Plans, but also delivers the actions needed to ensure maximum return on investment from the assets for the ratepayers.

Asset Life Cycle

To view our current Engineering Asset Management Plans please click on the links below:

 Asset Management Plan - Bridges (8016 kb)

Asset Management Plan - Bus Stops (1735 kb)

Asset Management Plan - Paths (2541 kb)

Asset Management Plan - Roads (1460 kb)

Asset Management Plan - Water Infrastructure (4536 kb)


Road Safety & Traffic Management Devices Asset Management Plan - Coming Soon

Public Lighting Asset Management Plan - Coming Soon


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