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Budget friendly step by step recipes

OPAL has been working over several years in partnership with Foodbank and Uniting Care Wesley Bowden (Community Foodies) to increase healthy choices at the Bowden Foodbank outlet. The project team has explored a range of strategies to make healthier choices more accessible through policy, training, promotion, and resources.

The project started with the training of Foodbank volunteers by OPAL and Council’s environmental health staff. The training included food safety and basic nutrition, adapted from core topics covered in the training of Community Foodies.

The pricing system at Foodbank encourages the use of whatever fresh vegetables and fruit are available. Over the course of this project the layout of the Foodbank outlet has been updated to maximise visibility and appeal of healthier choices.

The recipes were developed by a group of volunteers from Foodbank and Community Foodies who worked alongside OPAL. The recipes were designed to require only minimal cooking equipment- many can be produced using basic kitchenette facilities. They feature ingredients regularly available at Foodbank, therefore do not include a wide variety of herbs , spices or fresh produce, however they are easily adapted to use up whatever you have on hand from your garden, fridge or pantry!.

Baked Potato (1831 kb)

Bread and butter pudding (3071 kb)

Burgers recipe (2901 kb)

Fried Rice recipe (2113 kb)

Frittata recipe (2625 kb)

Fruit dessert recipe (1717 kb)

KiCeeMin recipe (2627 kb)

Lentil Bol recipe (2615 kb)

Omelette mug recipe (1370 kb)

Poached egg recipe (1480 kb)

Savoury mince (2567 kb)

Tuna bake recipe (1971 kb)

Tuna salad recipe (2257 kb)

Many thanks to Council’s photographer and graphic designer who brought these recipes to life in such an easy-read format. We encourage local families, community groups and schools give them a try and let us know what you think!

Other useful recipes:

In this section we have pulled together some of the most popular recipes that have been used by OPAL staff from a range of Councils across SA.

Better Barbie Healthy Recipes Kit (933 kb)

breakfast costs and recipes (1464 kb)

Breakfast Menu Recipes (635 kb)

Recipe - Chickpea Couscous Salad (52 kb)

Recipe - Mexican Mince and Beans (81 kb)

Recipe - Mung Bean Burgers (134 kb)

Recipe - No Fuss Stir Fry (270 kb)

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