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Major Projects

Major Projects

Revitalising St Clair Recreation Precinct

St Clair artist impressions

St Clair Avenue

Project Update - June 2017

Contractors acting for Renewal SA have commenced construction of St Clair Avenue extension, the works are expected to be completed by November and will include the construction of the new road, new intersection on Woodville Road and the closure of Glenys Nunn Drive.

Access to the area will be restricted during construction.

For further information please contact Renewal SA

StClair_TimelineOur new recreation space will create a destination and focal point on Woodville Road, providing a range of new experiences for residents and visitors. The playground and facilities for young people will be one of the largest developed within the City, and will be of unique and world class design.

We will also upgrade and expand the existing playing fields, removing existing mounds and creating more flexible playing surfaces, adding in BBQ and picnic facilities. This will also open up the area allowing access and views across the area, integrating into the existing St Clair space.

The key features of the Concept Plan are:

  • Keeping the local heritage aspects of the existing facility
  • Realigning car parking access to enable better integration of the space with The Brocas ensuring people can move through the area to the playing fields without traffic
  • A five court stadium that are modern and flexible in design to accommodate a multitude of uses
  • The proposed relocation of tennis courts (this matter is still under discussion with in principle support).

With a multi-million dollar upgrade to increase the use and function of the area.

The transformation will cost $25.77million. Charles Sturt has planned for much of this cost in our Asset Management Plan and our Long Term Financial Plan, with $12.9million available. A further $2.3Million will be secured through the sale of unused Council assets. The State Government through the Office of Recreation and Sport will also contribute $7.5million. Charles Sturt is seeking a further $3million in funding from State and Federal Departments.

State of the art recreation facilities, which will attract residents and visitors from Charles Sturt and all over metropolitan Adelaide, will be created to complement the new facility. Our Open Space Strategy, along with the Woodville Village Master Plan, has prioritised the upgrade, which will include an expansive play space, an event space, as well as cool new things like a skate park.

The building design has been undertaken with input from key stakeholders, user groups and community. The design addresses the shortage of indoor courts identified within the Western Adelaide Sporting Facility Supply & Demand Study and the aspirations of the community to see the heritage component of the building retained, enhanced and the centre expanded.

The building concept has been completed and can be viewed at St Clair Building

The concept for the wider St Clair Recreation Precinct is now complete and has been endorsed by Council following extensive community consultation and feedback. The Precinct will include;

  • New expansive play space including nature play and a range of play features
  • New skate park
  • New passive recreation and picnicking areas
  • Improved sporting areas
  • New community use tennis courts
  • Improved car parking and better pedestrian connections to Woodville Road, train station, St Clair and Woodville high school.

These works will follow the construction of the building and are expected to commence in 2018.

The Precinct Master Plan can be viewed at St Clair Recreation Precinct Master Plan

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