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Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure

New Development Applications

Planning and Development QueriesDevelopment approval is required for new buildings and structures and changes to or demolition of existing buildings and structures.

Development approval is made up of two separate consents:
Planning Consent - to ensure that development fits within the desired character of the City, that neighbours rights such as privacy are protected, Building Consent - to ensure the building is safe.

D01. The Development Approval Process (367 kb)

To submit an application for assessment, you will need to complete a development application form, including the planning and/or building consent checklists, pay the development application fee, and provide all of the required documents.

1. Development Application Form 

For every property transaction you make, there may be a tax consideration.
To determine your GST obligations, refer to the GST and Property Guide at

Application Checklists

2. Documentation Required for Planning Consent (226 kb)

3. Documentation Required for Building Rules Consent (157 kb)

Zone & Policy Area Map Search

Map Search


From the menu on the left hand side and floating:

  • Maps Icon: Choose Planning and Development Map.
  • Search Icon: Identify the property by entering the house number (not lot number), street name (in full) and suburb.
  • Information Icon: Select the icon, then click on the property. A window will open with zone and policy area information and links.
  • Legend Icon: Explains flood depth colours as shown in 'flooding' layer.
  • Redline/Measure Icon: Use to measure distance and area.
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