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Make it a Fresh Snack

'Make it a Fresh Snack' is the first campaign message for the OPAL program in the City of Charles Sturt.

Fresh Snacks - 1The campaign encourages children, young people and their families to choose fresh and unpackaged snacks.

Well chosen fresh snacks can provide children and young people the energy and nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. Not only can fresh snacks be tasty, they are also better for the environment because they reduce the amount of litter and waste.

When choosing snacks, pick the ones that have lots of vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron and fibre, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, reduced fat dairy products, eggs, nuts, beans, wholegrain breads and cereals. Generally, unpackaged foods contain less added salt, sugar and fat.

The campaign has lots of ideas to support children, young people and families to 'Make it a Fresh Snack'. The following brochures provide information on quick and easy snack ideas, saving money on snacks, dealing with fussy eaters and more.

Make it a Fresh Snack (3114 kb)     General snack information, ideas and tips.

Snack Ideas at Home (342 kb)     Fresh snack ideas for the kids at home, at school or on the run.

Fresh Snacks Shopping List (366 kb)     What to keep in the pantry to help create quick and fresh snacks.

To find out more about the 'Make it a Fresh Snack' campaign or to get involved with healthy eating in your community, contact the Charles Sturt OPAL team on 8408 1132 or email

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