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Need some fresh ideas for the summer BBQ?

OPAL Vitality logoThe OPAL Better BBQ resource is designed to provide guidance and ideas for making easy changes to the traditional barbeque, providing nutritious options suitable for children and families.

Whether you're a sporting or service club, community group, school or family and friends catching up, a healthy barbeque is a great opportunity to contribute to the health and wellbeing of your community!

Why not try a healthier approach to your next BBQ?

For the complete booklet:

Better BBQ Resource (1878 kb)

Tip Sheets:

Better BBQ Menu Ideas (327 kb)

Easy Healthy BBQ's for fundraising and catering (219 kb)

Easy budgeting for a healthy BBQ (212 kb)


 Fun and fresh ideas for fundraising - beyond the chocolate frog.

This booklet has ideas for healthy fundraising that supports healthy lifestyles for families. It is full of ideas and tips for alternatives to traditional fundraisers such as ‘chocolate drives’ or the classic sausage sizzle. Such as these fresh ideas:

  • Soup days
  • Healthy BBQ lunches
  • Scavenger hunts 
  • Create and sell calendars or cookbooks.

Show your community that you value their health and wellbeing, not just profit alone.

Download the booklet:

Fun and fresh ideas for fundraisers (6712 kb)

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